How gross foot peels could change your life

How gross foot peels could change your life What's up with all those pictures of gross foot peels all over the internet? YouTube is plastered with videos on them. Reddit has hundreds of posts on them and Pinterest is full with them. More and more people are starting to realize that personal grooming is an important part [...]

The ultimate guide to footfiles- Updated

The ultimate guide to foot files

                                               The ultimate guide to foot files was created because there are so many foot files on the market of differing size, shapes, and material. It can be difficult to choose which one is [...]

Stop hiding your feet and fix bad cracked heels today.

Bad cracked heels

Bad Cracked Heels Do you have bad cracked heels? Are you scared to wear sandals in public? What if you could fix those cracked heels in as little as 1 minute every day for 2 weeks. You will see results and it will change your quality of life.  No more hiding your feet.  No more [...]

Diabetic Foot Care infographic

Diabetic Foot Care Infographic Cracked heels, in case of diabetic patients, can cause neuropathic damage and result in foot ulcers.  For treatment of cracked heels, it is important to reduce the thick skin around the rim and close the cracks.  In case, the cracks are deep and serious, the person need to seek medical help [...]

What causes cracked heels

What causes cracked heels?