The ultimate guide to foot files

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The ultimate guide to foot files was created because many foot files are on the market of differing sizes, shapes, and materials. It can be difficult to choose which one is best for you.

I have spent years researching and trying dozens of foot files.  The foot files in this article will go over what they are made of and how they work. 

Metal foot files

They are manufactured from stainless steel or nickel, which is strong and resistant to rusting. Some metal files come with removable footpads. These often sell for more than other files mentioned.


Our top picks for metal foot files:



We have created the ultimate guide to foot files to help you choose which product will help cure your dry cracked heels
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Diamancel Diamond Tough Foot Buffer

 The best handheld foot file

-Heavy-Duty Polishing File For Feet in Need of Intensive Foot Care
-Perfect For Lifting And Exfoliating Dry, Rough Skin
-Long-Lasting Abrasive Properties
-Effective & Easly Flying
-Salon-tested For Professional Results
-Washable & Safe


Motorized foot files

Motorized or electric foot files are the newest on the market.  They used to be used only by pedicurists because they were expensive. At home, styles have become widely available and have a wide variety of options.  Make sure you read the manufacturer’s website before purchasing one.

Our top picks for electric foot files:


We have created the ultimate guide to foot files to help you choose which product will help cure your dry cracked heels
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Own Harmony Electric Callus Removers


-3x More Powerful: tackle even the most stubborn calluses
-Professional Results in Minutes: an everlasting feeling of a -pedicure spa, minus the cost
-Built-in Rechargeable Battery (lasts 750+ hours of use): helps the environment and your wallet
-Pressure-sensitive technology protects skin from cuts and irritation
-Safety switch lock protection from accidental switch-on
-Durable, coarse rollers made of quartz micro mineral crystals
-Charge once, use many times: up to 45 mins continuous use
-Ergonomic and Light


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Plastic foot files

These types of foot files are inexpensive but not usually as sturdy. Plastic files are one of the most common types available.  Grit is glued to the upper part of the file. These are usually quite flimsy and need to be replaced often. They come in many shapes and sizes.

Our top picks for plastic foot files:

Fu Store 3 Pcs Pedicure Foot Files Callus Remover with Double Sided Feet Rasp for Dead Skin Foot Scrubber for Feet
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3-piece plastic foot file


These foot files are waterproof, washable and reusable. They are perfect for tucking into your travel bag.


Rasps (commonly known as Microplanes

These are metal foot files with a plastic handle and tiny blades like a cheese grater.  Microplanes are the most effective rasp and work the best on cracked heels.  You must be very careful with these as they can remove a lot of dead skin at once!

Our top picks for rasps:

Micro plane rasp for cracked heels
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MicroPLANE COLOSSAL PEDICURE RASP-Instantly eliminates thick callused skin
-No need to soak feet before use
-Large file surface


The paddle-style foot file offers superior quality, long-lasting performance and delivers smooth, baby-soft feet. Trust your feet to Microplane and Transform Your Soles®.


Wooden foot files


They are usually built like a small paddle and are much sturdier than plastic ones. The grit is sandpaper glued to the file. Ensure the file is hung to dry and doesn’t stay damp, or it will get mouldy or rotted.

Our top picks for wooden foot files:

3 Swords Germany Brand quality FOOT FILE made from German beech wood, two-sided smooth and rough, hard skin callus removal
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3 Swords Germany 

The rough side is abrasive to help smooth away stubborn hard skin. The smooth side provides gentle exfoliation, achieving a softer, more refined skin. These should be kept in a dry place.


Pumice stone

Pumice stone is the oldest type of foot file.  It is inexpensive and compact.  Make sure to rinse after using and leave out to air dry.

Our top picks for pumice stones:

Pumice Stone - Natural Earth Lava Pumice Stone Black - Callus Remover for Feet Heels and Palm - Pedicure Exfoliation Tool - Corn Remover - Dry Dead Skin Scrubber - Health Foot Care
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The least expensive foot file 

– Natural Black Pumice Stone – Black foot stone signifies high quality because pure volcanic lava is naturally black



Professional foot files are meant to be cleaned in between clients.  Many professionals use a metal style of foot file, but some opt for replaceable pads with a sanitizable handle.


Our top picks for professional foot files:

We have created the ultimate guide to foot files to help you choose which product will help cure your dry cracked heels

Professional Pedicure Foot File

 The best foot file for Estheticians

-The easiest way to remove the calluses and old cracked foot skin.
-Larger pad surface than other competitors.
-Stainless steel handle for easy disinfecting and comfortable to hold.
-Strong adhesive keeps pads in place during use.


These are the top selling, best quality foot files for cracked heels




Good foot files can be as inexpensive as $5 or as expensive as $30+.  The amount you spend will determine the about of extra features.  The more expensive ones will pretty much do all the work for you. The less expensive ones will require a bit more manual work.



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