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The best foot soaks for cracked heels AKA.heel fissures

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Nothing is more relaxing at the end of a long day than to soak your feet in a nice pedicure tub with a foot soak. But did you know that soaking your feet can be more than just relaxing?


Adding the right foot soak can provide relief from painfully dry, cracked heels (heel fissures). It’ can also help with callus removal as well.

What are heel fissures

There’s no doubt that you have come across many recipes and commercial foot soaks for cracked heels already. But you probably still have a lot of questions.


Do any of them work? Where do you get them? Which natural ones work? What is the best foot soaks for cracked heels?


We were wondering the same things, so we scoured all of our top resources and found the following results below.

Quick Links to the Top 3 Foot Soaks

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3)Gold Mountain Beauty


In this article, we explore both natural and commercial foot soaks.  After hours of research and testing foot soaks we will be sharing some of the best options.


The best foot soaks

 Do foot soaks work?

Yes. Soaking your feet to rid yourself of calluses and heel fissures does work.  It softens the asking and allows the ingredients to penetrate the skin.

Why we love foot soaks:

•They are convenient.

•Take little effort

•Come in a variety of scents

•They are an inexpensive way to help fix cracked heels.


Common ingredients in foot soak:

    • Menthol
    • Baking soda deodorizers your feet by killing the bacteria and act as an exfoliator
    • Peppermint also has anti-inflammatory properties
    • Epsom salts soften your skin
    • Tea Tree as a disinfectant, antifungal
    • Milk work great for healing irritated skin
    • Green tea is a natural moisturizer
    • Olive oil soothes itchy skin
    •  Vinegar helps to soften the callouses


Most all-natural DIY foot soaks, and commercial foot soaks have these ingredients in them. The commercial foot soaks may also have a form of medication in them also to help a variety of ailments.

The most common DIY homemade foot soak is:

Instructions: Mix all the together in the bowl. Add warm water to cover the feet to the ankle in the basin. Let the water cool to a skin-safe temperature. Soak feet 15 minutes or until water is no longer warm. Pat dry.

Take a look at our top selling foot soaks:

Diy pedicure

Once you soak your feet, what do you do?

Foot Care tools


Keeping your heels smooth can be a lot more manageable than you think.  Using a combination of quality products and a regular foot routine you should be able to manage your cracked heels.

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