The best foot care supplies for your home

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When you walk into the grocery store or pharmacy to buy a simple little product, it can often be overwhelming with the number of choices. You want the best foot care supplies for your home the lowest price, but how do you find that?


It’s proven that a product with good reviews outsells one without reviews or bad reviews. When you see four stars from 200 people besides a product, you think, “Well, 200 people who have bought this item can’t be wrong. They’ve taken the time to review the item after all.” 

Best foot care items for cracked heels

With the ease and trust of online shopping, more and more people are choosing to have them shipped directly to their door.  


Follow this series of our favourite online purchases of personal care products to help you fix your dry, cracked heels and care for your feet.

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📌There are so many foot files on the market of differing size, shapes, and material. It can be difficult to choose which one is the best for you. They each work differently, but it’s mostly about preference. Let us help you choose one by reading this handy article about the best foot care supplies for your home
Top Foot Files

There are so many foot files on the market of differing sizes, shapes, and materials. It can be challenging to choose which one is best for you. They each work differently, but it’s mostly about preference. If you want to learn about all different kinds of foot files check out our blog post The ultimate guide to foot files

The ultimate guide to foot files

Foot Moisturizers

Body creams and rich moisturizers work the best on heels and foot calluses. But if your heels are dry or cracked, you may want to try a cream designed specifically for the heels.

Look for creams and moisturizers with the following ingredients:
Shea Butter-holds in moisture
Urea-can penetrate the thick skin
Neem Oil-encourages wound healing
Glycerin-draws in and retains moisture
Dimethicone-Skin protectant
Mineral- oil-skin conditioning agent
Allantoin-skin-conditioning agent

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There is a wide variety of foot soaks on the market and we have chosen the most popular selling one to introduce you to.

Foot Soaks

We love foot soaks for the following reasons
They are relaxing
They are convenient.
Take little effort.
Come in a variety of scents.
They are an inexpensive way to help fix cracked heels.

There is a wide variety of foot soaks on the market  and if you want to check out a bunch of different kinds visit our blog post The best foot soaks

Best selling foot care supplies for your home

Nail Sets

Nail clippers are often inexpensive but are a necessity when it comes to weekly foot care. There are a variety of styles and brands to choose from.

We have found that if you not careful, you can purchase a cheap pair that will not be strong enough to cut your toenails or rust just from sitting in the bathroom. 

Best foot care products for your house


Have you ever had the chance to soak your feet in a foot bath? If you have, you will agree it is a wonderful and relaxing experience. It can help foot soaks penetrate the dry skin on your feet as well as help the callus slough off easily. 

Dry Cracked Heels Repair Bundle with Open Toe Moisturizing Silicone Gel Heel Socks (2 Pairs, Gray) and O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Cream Jar for Home Foot Skin Care
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Moisture Socks

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you have severely cracked heels or dry skin you might want to invest in a pair of moisture or gel socks to wear around the house or in bed. 


In conclusion, there are a wide variety of products out there.  As a result, choosing something that will last long, is easy to keep clean and will make your foot care regime easier.

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