Why use petroleum jelly on feet

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When you have such bad cracked heels, you will often try anything to heal them…Even your grandmother’s favourite remedy for everything, Petroleum Jelly. It’s more known by its brand name Vaseline.

Why use petroleum jelly on feet

So, what is it?

pe·tro·le·um jel·ly– another name for petrolatum
/pəˈtrōlēəm ˈjelē/
a yellowish or whitish, translucent, gelatinous, oily, semisolid, amorphous mass obtained from petroleum: used as a lubricant, rust preventive, in the manufacture of cosmetics, and in medicine as a protective dressing, emollient, and ointment base.-Dictionary.com

Where was it invented?

Robert Chesebrough began selling petrolatum under the trade-name Vaseline Petroleum Jelly in 1870. After a slow start, it went on to become an international bestseller. More importantly, it was the first in a long line of petroleum derivatives used in the developing cosmetics industry.-Cosmeticsandskin.com

It is a mixture of mineral oils and waxes, which form a semisolid jelly-like substance.


Why put petroleum jelly on feet

Petroleum jelly is an emollient that helps seal your skin with a water-protective barrier. It works by restricting water loss from the skin, and that makes it perfect for dry skin. Vaseline is inexpensive and has a long shelf life. Petroleum jelly also acts as a barrier to prevent germs or infections in wounds. 
Above all, it’s used in the manufacture of cosmetics and pharmaceutical ointments.

Popular Vaseline Products

Fun Facts

We use petroleum jelly as an additive in foods namely, as candies, confectionary products, and baked goods.
You can find petroleum jelly in cosmetics and other personal care products.
Lubricants contain petroleum jelly.
You can also find it in rubber, adhesives and so much more.
They make a synthetic version of petrolatum from soybean oil as an alternative to petroleum-based petrolatum.


How to use petroleum jelly on feet

To get the best results, you can use straight petroleum jelly, or you can use a combination product like
Vaseline intensive care, Nongame Vaseline…..
You could also mix your favourite essential oil or lotion with some petroleum jelly.

  • Soak feet in a footbath for 3-5 minutes
  • File the heels with your favourite foot file
  • Rinse the feet off
  • Massage petroleum jelly to your feet
  • Cover your feet with cotton socks


You could try a DIY pedicure for the best results!

Our Favorite Non-Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Keep in mind most people find that putting it on at night and covering your feet with socks the most effective.
Vaseline can stain clothes or bed sheets.
Some people may break out when using petroleum jelly because it clogs pores. With this in mind, clean the skin before you apply the jelly to reduce the risk of breakouts.

In conclusion, some of grandma’s old-fashioned products are still valuable and still work.

Why use petroleum jelly on feet

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