What are those gross foot peels?

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Have you ever tried a foot peel

What’s up with all those pictures of gross foot peels all over the internet? YouTube is plastered with videos on them. Reddit has hundreds of posts on them, and Pinterest is full of them.


More and more people are starting to realize that personal grooming is an essential part of lifestyle and relationship statuses. So, by having soft sexy feet, can you get a better job?


Probably not, but if you’re walking the red carpet, you probably don’t want everyone focusing on your ugly feet. And it probably is not a turn on when you are crawling into bed for a night of passion with your new boyfriend, and your feet are catching on his duvet.

Have you tried the latest fad, foot peels?

How it works:

I wanted to do a review of the newest fad product to hit the market, but I had a bit of trouble finding the science behind how it worked. (that regular people could understand)

Michelle from lab muffin explains it beautifully(check out her amazing blog)
“the key active ingredients are lactic acid and glycolic acid, which are alpha-hydroxy acids or ahas.”
“if you’ve tried a foot peel, you’ll know that it takes a few days or even a week before the peeling actually happens (and when it does, it’s a little frightening how much skin there is). That’s the way that chemical exfoliation works – it takes a little while for the dead layers to break down enough to detach from the layers underneath, unlike the instant gratification you get from physical exfoliation.”

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Why everyone loves them?

So why does everyone suddenly have an obsession with these gross foot peels?


Videos on YouTube have as many as 2 million views! Who are these people who are so tempted to click on the grossest of the gross on the internet?

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In his book “ Yuck!: the nature and moral significance of disgust” Daniel Kelly investigates the character and evolution of disgust, with an emphasis on understanding the role this emotion has come to play in our social and moral lives.


Now we are getting into a whole other world science, and I’m at risk of losing a few readers due to this. So, we will carry on with the actual foot peel part of this article.

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Is it really that easy?

So, you’ve stumbled on this video. You look at the foot in the video and then your own feet and wonder how hard it could be to do one of those gross foot peels.


You do this peel, have sexy feet, meet a new lover and ride off into the sunset? Well, the foot peel part is. The rest of it is up to you. It is really easy to use the peels, and most brands are similar.

Lexi Novak, beauty editor explains: “here’s how it went down: I showered to soften my skin, slipped into the booties, taped them in place (tape is included), put socks on over them for a snug fit, turned on shark tank, and waited one hour. Then I washed the solution off with soap and went to bed to dream of callus-free feet. By day five the peeling began and continued for about two weeks. This is the disgusting-but-satisfying part: I was literally pulling back sheets of dead skin. It was grotesque, but also strangely addictive.”

Have you ever tried a foot peel

Should I try it?

“it’s unclear whether baby foot is totally risk-free, but if you’re interested in trying it, you may want to do a patch test first. “it’s important to consider a possible allergic reaction that could cause a contact dermatitis rash,” says one medical’s Bernadette Donavan, and. “if you have sensitive skin, try doing a small spot test on your ankle one to three days before using the whole treatment.” Bendeck adds that alcohol can be very drying, and the added fragrance can cause an allergic reaction.”

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How much does it cost?

Considering a pedicure at a spa can cost anywhere between $30-$80, these foot peels are pretty economical, Usually between 45-$30.  You could also try doing a DIY pedicure.


My review of foot peels.

I tried several brands. I found a few in stores, but I ordered most on Amazon. It doesn’t really feel like anything. Just like wearing a squishy bag, I guess. They all had pretty much the same instructions, but some were different. The peeling takes place over a few days, so don’t plan anything that you will need to wear sandals. They all peeled about the same, and I never had any reactions to any of the products.

What are some of the best selling gross foot peels?

What do you think of gross foot peels? Are you going to try them? Have you had successful results?




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