DIY Pedicure for cracked heels

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DIY Pedicure for cracked heels

If you’re like me, your not looking forward to getting into sandals.  I have horrible feet my entire life ) Well, I think so anyway. I used to never wear sandals or even take my socks off because I was so horrified at my dry, cracked heels and yucky toenails.


It wasn’t until I had a friend who went to esthetics school, that I cared about my feet.  She gave me some excellent advice on how to get your feet ready for summer! Give yourself a DIY pedicure for cracked heels!


My feet were in such bad condition she recommended a medical pedicure to start with, then  DIY Pedicure for cracked heels. The medical esthetician can do the majority of the work, and you can keep up with the day to day work at home.

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My DIY Pedicure Method:

In order to keep your feet cleaned up and fresh, my esthetician recommended the following.

Every 2 months:

  • Get a professional pedicure at a reputable salon or spa

Once per week:


If you are having a hard time keeping up with the weekly or daily foot care, you should try to at least go once a month for a regular pedicure.  I know that regular pedicures aren’t affordable for everyone.  Look up local beauty schools in your neighbourhood.  Often they offer services for a fraction of the price as the professional spas.

Make your own foot scrub recipe

Learn how to make coconut foot scrub

These are some of the DIY pedicure supplies we love!


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