How paraffin helps cracked heels

How does paraffin help cracked heels?

  How paraffin helps cracked heels Scroll to the bottom for a quick comparison chart Have you ever been to the spa and had someone sitting beside you receive a paraffin treatment and thought to yourself…What the heck is that and how does it help cracked heels? You’re not alone! Paraffin treatments are very common … Read moreHow paraffin helps cracked heels

Natural Home Care

Natural ways to fix cracked heels

Home remedies for cracked heels Mild heel fissures or cracked heels can not only cause serious health issues, but they can cause discomfort and extreme pain as well.  In the case of deep cracks, individuals may find it difficult to stand or walk. There can be several reasons behind cracked heels; even a medical condition … Read moreNatural Home Care

Vitamin deficiency and cracked heels

Vitamin deficiency and cracked heels How I found out about Vitamin deficiency and cracked heels I have constantly had issues with cracked heels. Sometimes the cracks and fissures have become so bad that I need to apply foot cream and wear gel socks 24 hours a day. I used to think it was just because I … Read moreVitamin deficiency and cracked heels

Essential oils for cracked heels and dry skin

Essential oils for cracked heels and dry skin Do you know that the secret to a soft and supple heal doesn’t always lie in your store-bought creams and lotions? Essential oils are important, and you should not ignore the benefits. They are the best approach for anyone who prefers to use natural and holistic methods to … Read moreEssential oils for cracked heels and dry skin

Petroleum jelly on feet

Learn how to use petroleum jelly on cracked heels

  Why use petroleum jelly on feet When you have such bad cracked heels you will often try anything to heal them…Even your grandmother’s favourite remedy for everything, Petroleum Jelly. It’s more known by its brand name Vaseline. So, what is it? pe·tro·le·um jel·ly– another name for petrolatum /pəˈtrōlēəm ˈjelē/ noun a yellowish or whitish, … Read morePetroleum jelly on feet