Bad cracked heels

Bad cracked heels


Stop hiding your bad cracked feetStop hiding your bad feet

Do you have bad cracked feet or heels that hurt? Are you scared to wear sandals in public? What if you could fix those cracked heels in as little as 1 minute every day for 2 weeks. You will see results and it will change your quality of life.  No more hiding your feet.  No more crappy products that don’t work. And no more empty promises.

 “I know how you feel.  I was the girl who always wore slacks and shoes to a dressy event in order to avoid people seeing my bad cracked feet.  I was the girl who wore socks and shoes  with my shorts instead of sandals all summer.  I tried everything.  Blades, lotions, potions etc.  And nothing worked.  Yes some of those things do work if you have just minor cracks or a very little bit of dry skin. But I need to bring out the big guns.  I needed a magic cure.  And I felt hopeless until I stumbled on this little video.” – Jan (founder)

My favourite set for bad cracked feet

Footlogix 3-piece Essentials Kit

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Footlogix 3-piece Essentials Kit

What You Get

3.3 fl. oz. Callus Softener Formula

Foot file

4.23 fl. oz. Rough Skin Formula

What It Does

Callus Softener Formula Helps soften and moisturize dry, rough skin on feet. It makes exfoliating hard skin fast and easy 360-degree spray bottle works from any angle [even upside-down] to spray hard-to-reach places.

The results on bad cracked feet

What did we find? Filing our out heels was effortless.  We had those cracked heels filed down smooth in just a couple of minutes.  The callous softener is safe for everyone and the metal foot file should last you forever.  Watch the quick video on how we tested it.

We love it’s easy to use a spray bottle for a no mess application. We found that only one or 2 sprays per foot are needed. The formula is safe for sensitive skin types and diabetics.

The double-sided file (coarse and fine) is made with high-quality stainless steel that is easy to keep clean.  It is the perfect gripping size and should last much longer than a plastic or wooden foot file.

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