Natural Home Care for cracked heels

Natural Home Care

Natural home careNatural Home Care For  Cracked Heels

Mild heel fissures or cracked heels cannot cause serious health issues, but they can cause discomfort and extreme pain as well.  In the case of deep cracks, individuals may find it difficult to stand or walk. There can be several reasons behind cracked heels; even a medical condition like diabetes can cause heel fissures. There are several natural home care options to deal with this problem. Let’s take a look at some of the simplest natural home care ways to deal with cracked heels.

♦Soak your feet in vinegarNatural home care

The acetic content in white vinegar makes it one of the best solutions to soften your skin. But it can prove to be harmful if you directly apply it on the affected skin. So, fill a soaking basin with warm water, add 1/4 cup vinegar along with a small amount of olive oil.  Keep your feet in this mixture for ten minutes. After that, scrub your feet with a pumice stone. Follow this for few days, and you will definitely see and feel the improvement.

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♦ Use mixture of honey and milk for exfoliation

Honey is considered a natural anti-bacterial element, and natural home care moisturizer. To get the best out of honey, mix two cups of milk with one cup of honey. Put this mixture in a foot basin and put your feet inside that basin. Keep your feet in the mixture for ten minutes and give them the massage while soaking. This will help you get rid of dead skin as the milk and honey will loosen it.  After another ten minutes, wash your feet with water.

♦Use lemon juicenatural home care

When it comes to sloughing off dead skin from extra callus, acetic acid can prove to be of great help. Lemon juice is the best source of this acid. You can use lemon in various ways to treat calluses. Add lemon juice squeezed from single lemon in a basin full of warm water. Then, keep your feet inside that basin for twenty minutes. Our favorite is Nellie & Joe’s Famous Key LEMON Juice, The Original- 16 oz You can also cut a lemon into two pieces and use these pieces to massage on cracks. Wash your feet after that, and apply moisturizer.

♦Even rice flour can prove to be great exfoliator for natural home care!

In order to get rid of dead skin from your feet, a natural scrub made with rice flour can prove to be the best option. Take a small basin and fill it with warm water. Then, add two spoons of apple cider vinegar, three spoons of rice flour, and few olive oil drops. Blend this mixture and keep your feet in the basin for around fifteen minutes. Follow this procedure for a few days, and your feet’s skin will turn smooth.

Don’t forget to apply moisturizer on your feet after following any of the four procedures.

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