8 reasons to care for cracked heels


8 reasons to care for your cracked heels-fixcrackedheels.co

  • Dry skin is vulnerable to skin infections
  • Cracked heels cause discomfort and itchiness
  • Cracks can deepen to lower layers to skin tissues
  • Deep cracks can cause discharge or bleeding from cracks
  • Cracked heels can turn painful and make it difficult to stand for a long time
  • Deep cracks increase the likelihood of fungal and viral infections and illness
  • Infected cracked heels can lead to Cellulitis
  • Cracked heels, in the case of diabetic patients, can cause neuropathic damage and result in foot ulcers.

If cracked heels are not treated in time, it can become very irritating and painful. Sometimes, cracked heels are a cosmetic problem, but if the problem grows, cracked heels can turn into serious medical issues.  When heels crack on the surface, it appears unattractive but is not very harmful. When the cuts or fissures grow deeper, it can result in bleeding and infections.If you have an underlying medical conditions, infections can turn very serious and even life threatening

Do not neglect cracked heels as they can turn into serious medical issues later. Look for itchy, flaky or patchy heels as these are common symptoms of cracked heels. Start immediate treatment or contact a medical advisor if the problem persists.

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8 reasons to care for your cracked heels-fixcrackedheels.co